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“We carefully select high-quality gourmet products to offer you unforgettable tastes and flavours.We only offer exclusive typical Italian products that testify to the excellence of produce from the “Bel Paese”. Appennino Food Shop is a journey through the good taste of our beloved Italy, offering you the very best to enjoy in your homes.”

Appennino Food Shop was launched with the aim of creating an e-commerce website for high-quality products, respecting the corporate philosophy of Appennino Food Group, the project’s parent company. Choosing to buy on Appennino Food Shop means trusting the selection of a consolidated company in the industry with many years of experience and clearly defined principles.

Over the years, the Appennino Food Group has developed a company culture characterised by a passion for the local area and a focus on gastronomic traditions that have been handed down over time. It has made the concept of respect for raw materials and seasonalitya fundamental cornerstone of its selection and daily production activities. Thanks to investments in technology, it transforms every ingredient into top-quality products.

That is why we are committed to selecting outstanding products. We want to become a daily guarantee that you can use in your dishes.

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Appennino Food Group