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You can then access the RESERVED AREA.
Here, you will find a selection of fresh truffles depending on the season. An ID Card will be prepared for each truffle, detailing its main features combined with real images so that you can carefully assess which truffle to serve. Choose exactly what you will receive!

Here is a preview of the RESERVED AREA!

In addition to accessing our e-Truffle site, you can also take advantage of a special 10% discount on the entire range of APPENNINO FOOD TRUFFLES preserved products.. As soon as we process your purchase, you will be provided with a strictly personal code that gives you a fabulous discount every time!

How can I get the TRUFFLE CARD? 
È Simple! Buy the TRUFFLE CARD by . clicking here.
We will send you your VIRTUAL CARD, followed by the TRUFFLE CARD directly to your home.

How long is my TRUFFLE CARD valid for?
The TRUFFLE CARD is valid for 1 YEAR from the time of purchase. As soon as the purchase of the Card has been processed, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits. It does NOT automatically renew.

How can I renew my TRUFFLE CARD?
The TRUFFLE CARD does NOT automatically renew. We will send you an email before its expiration and you can decide whether to continue to enjoy the benefits by renewing your purchase or to cancel the service.

..and that is not all! GOLD and PLATINUM TRUFFLE CARDS are on their way!
Other fantastic services and benefits that will allow you to get to know the world of truffles!

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