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Inside the "Little Thoughts | THE TRADITIONAL" package you will find:

1 x Traditional Ragù 200g
Bolognese Meat Sacue - Traditional Version | Ingredients: tomato puree, beef 24%, pork 16.3%, raw ham 7.7% (pork, salt), double tomato concentrate, EVO oil, carrots, onion, celery, Cervia sea salt. After opening, keep refrigerated. GLUTEN-FREE. 
NUTRITIONAL VALUES average per 100g: energy 653kj / 157kcal fat 11g of which saturates 3.0g, carbohydrates 2.7g of which sugars 2.6g, fibre 1.7g, protein 12g, salt 0.85g.

1x Cacio e Pepe Sauce 200g
Cacio e Pepe Sauce | Ingredients: water, pecorino romano DOP cheese 45%, pecorino cheese 8.9%, melting salts: sodium citrate; black pepper 0.5%. After opening, keep refrigerated. GLUTEN-FREE.
NUTRITIONAL VALUES average per 100g: energy 784kj / 189kcal, fat 15g, of which saturates 9.1g, carbohydrates 2.5g of which sugars 0g, fiber 2.0g, protein 11g, salt 3.0g.

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